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Dave’s 25 years of experience in home repair and remodeling has shown him the good, the bad and the ugly of construction. His passion for working on homes is a family trait. His many years of working with relatives is the foundation for his wealth of knowledge. Dave’s customers trust his trained eye to find problems and provide viable solutions. They speak highly of his professionalism and integrity. Looking to buy or sell a home? Have a house problem you can’t figure out? You can count on Dave to be there for you!

Dave is a Certified Home Inspector in the State of Wisconsin and a Member in Good Standing of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). He also has his Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification in the State of Wisconsin. He has a degree from Indiana University in Education with minors in Geology and Environmental Sciences.



We offer various types of inspections for the right project and piece of mind

Home Buyer Inspection

Buying a home is a major decision. Knowing the condition of the property prior to making that large investment will give you peace of mind and valuable negotiating information. Gross Inspection Services provides a state certified inspector to do a thorough walk thru of the property and provide an InterNACHI Home Inspection Report

Home Seller Inspection

Having a pre-listing inspection can save you from losing potential buyers. Gross Inspection Services provides a state certified inspector to do a thorough walk thru of the property and provide you with an InterNACHI Home Inspection Report {link to a sample report}.. You can chose to share the report with potential buyers to encourage a quick sale of a property in good condition. Or use the report to decide what repairs could be made, or disclosed to potential buyers, prior to listing a property.

Radon Testing

Radon gas is a hazard to you and your family’s health and the second leading cause of lung cancer. Radon exposure in homes may arise from certain subsurface rock formations, and from certain building materials (e.g., some granites). Contact Gross Inspection Services to measure the level of radon gas in your home and provide options for reducing your family’s exposure.

What are people saying about Gross

''Thank you for an EXCELLENT job today. All of the information that you provided will assist in getting the home not only fixed, but also help to ensure proper maintenance and corrective actions are taken. This info will help us enjoy our new home even more.'' - Vepraskas Family

“When we had a big home purchase and knew we needed a thorough analysis and great attention to detail, Gross Inspections was the obvious choice for us. Dave goes through the property as if he were buying it for himself, is very professional and has the ability to explain things in a non-technical way. Gross Inspections is our choice when we need an inspection, and they should be yours as well.” “You express the utmost professionalism, knowledge, respect & friendliness. You are TOPS…” ~Erma B.